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Meet Dr. Maria Manibog DC, ACN

A head-on collision being hit at 55 mph while coming back from a camping trip and nearly home…

Maria Manibog, San Leandro Chiropractor

Your Wellness Doctor, Dr. Maria Manibog DC, ACN

A year later I was suffering from severe headaches, and one day I couldn’t get out of bed, every movement caused severe neck spasms and pain. My roommate had to get me up to take me to her chiropractor. I wish I knew a year earlier what I know now, it could have saved me from the severe pain I suffered. Since I didn’t receive care right away, it took more time to recover but I knew from there onward I would regain my health!!

It was a miraculous recovery, thanks to chiropractic. Recovering through chiropractic care, sparked an interest in the health field, physical education, and sports, and I wanted to find a career that would integrate all these things. After being treated by my second chiropractors, I showed interest in what they did, and they asked me to work for them.

Chiropractic Education

I was a dental technician for 10 years. I worked for my second chiropractors for 4 years assisting them in patient exams, taking x-rays, and promoted their practice. That experience helped me decide to become a chiropractor. My chiropractors knew Dr. Clum, the president of Life Chiropractic College West, in Northern California and suggested I go visit the school. I very impressed and decided right away to start in 1994. So I moved from San Diego to Hayward.

I loved learning about the Art, Science, Philosophy of Chiropractic. We learned so much about the human body, especially the nervous system. The best part was getting hands-on practice with as many students possible, even teachers! My chiropractors advised me to learn how to adjust well. So I practiced in clubs, seminars, even my cat “Blanca” who lived to be 24 years old!! I also learned from female chiropractors how to adjust using physics and speed with my small frame. I loved learning about being human and how complex our bodies are made.

Educating for Optimal Health

My goal is to educate the community about Wellness Care, and how each individual can achieve optimal health for life through a natural approach of restoring the nervous system and body function by integrating chiropractic, nutrition, weight management, exercise, and massage as a healthy lifestyle. By educating each individual to reach an understanding of how to achieve optimal health would be the key. Patients who are committed to their health, and want to make a positive change in their lives are the ones that receive the best results.

I have an 83 year old patient that just started, and he commented how he realizes how important health is when you lose the use of your hands, but he is getting results now instead of going toward surgery, and his quality of life has a much better outlook.

Outside the Office

I have been in partnership with my soul mate for 21 years. We met at the beginning of chiropractic school in 1994. We enjoy getting away to our cabin 3 hours from here. We like riding our ATVs, mountain biking, kayaking, and many other outdoor activities. I love to dance especially Latin music, and play a few music instruments. I’m part Latina and Philippine and my first language is Spanish. I enjoy traveling especially to Mexico. I’ve done mission trips to Peru, and Mexico with our chiropractic college.

I live for the moment and spontaneous in whatever I do. I receive chiropractic care at least 2 times per month for Wellness, and if possible more. I workout using QiGong, and Yoga, isometric exercises using the theraband, and theraball, light weights, and mountain biking. Up north by our cabin, snowshoeing. Our daily intake includes nutritional supplements, eating low glycemic foods, vegetables are high on our list. I definitely walk the talk and live a Wellness lifestyle. I believe you do need medication when it is necessary and the last resort of a health condition that needs medical attention. I do use medical mainly for preventative check-ups, and emergencies.

Thank you for visiting our site. I look forward to meeting you in person and I would like to become your family Wellness Doctor. How can we help you and your family with today’s safe and natural chiropractic care? Contact us so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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